4.5kW Grid Tied System Installed In Blenheim

We recently completed the installation of a 4.5kWp grid tie solar system in the Blenheim region. This area is perfect for utilising the benefits of solar, with one of New Zealand’s most sunny climates.

In this system we have used our new all black coloured Jinko solar panels, which match in very nicely with darker roofs and help to absorb the most energy possible. For the inverter we used our Austrian made Fronius string inverter, which we believe to be one of the best inverters in the world. Fronius offer very good performance, as well as some very nice features like web based monitoring of both solar production and household consumption, which is available to you on a phone app. Their 5 year warranty can now also be extended to 20 years.

In addition to the inverter you can see our Elios Power Reducer beside the switchboard, which is used to divert any excess solar energy not being used within the home into the clients hot water cylinder. This reduces the amount of energy exported to the grid, and rather used to save power within the home, thereby increasing the clients return on investment even more so.

Are you interested in a solar system for your home? Talk to us today and let us design and install a system specifically for your home!