8.5 kWp Install in Invercargill 2013

A Trip down to Invercargill saw us installing 2  grid connected PV systems.
We installed a 5kWp system onto the garage roof, followed by a  3.5kWp system installed on their house roof. The two systems giving them a combined total of 8.5kWp of solar.
This installation was a fairly large system. The energy generated from these 2 systems, will offset their energy usage, for both their home and their holiday home which they visit regularly.
The end result…one very happy client as the system began generating 6kW (around 3/4 of its peak output) once it was turned on, and this on a  fairly overcast day and in the midst of winter too!
8.5kWp_Invercargill_28.5kWp Invercargill