Solar Electric Technology Ltd

With new solar companies entering the market all the time, we think it’s important to know who you’re dealing with.

We’re not newbies, we are solar technology experts who have been installing solar systems for more than 20 years. Our technicians have installed ober 1,000 solar power, solar hot water, wind, mini-hydro systems throughout New Zealand and Australia. This experience counts, and we have become a trusted name in this industry.

We offer total energy solutions for homes and businesses, and enjoy working with customers to ensure their solar system meets their energy needs. We provide system design, installation and after-sales service.

We have developed exclusive partnerships across the building sector with companies such as Bunnings, Competitive Homes, Golden Homes, Hybrid Homes, David Reid Homes and Eco Tech Homes.
Our partners recognise that working with Solar Electric means working with technical experts with a proven track record.
We look forward to talking to you about your sustainable energy requirements.