Auckland Off Grid Solar Panel Installation

Last month the team at Esolar completed an installation of solar panels and a battery bank for an off grid system in an Auckland home. Some advantages of going off grid including eliminating your power bill or simply bringing electricity to a home not serviced by the current electrical grid.

Our client was looking for a cheaper source of electricity for their Remuera home. The position and design of their roof meant we were able to fixe the solar panels directly to the roof cheaply and with minimal effort.

One thing that clients wishing to go off grid often neglect to take into consideration is the placement of the required power bank. Solar panels only produce power while the sun is shining. So, to harness the full potential of one’s solar panels, a power bank is needed to store the electricity produced during the day for use later. We identified a garage extension that allowed for ideal placement against the client’s home, while simultaneously shielding the power bank and inverter from extreme weather.

Once we were done the client was left extremely satisfied. The solar panels meant no more power bills and an increase to the value of their property. If you are in the market for solar panels or looking to go off grid, Esolar is happy to provide you with a free quote.  Call us at 0508 449 274 or contact us here.