Emphase Solar Storage System

In August this year a new solar storage system will be hitting the market, there will only be limited quantities available so if you want one contact us today.  This Enphase AC battery is one of the lowest upfront cost and highest lifetime value storage systems on the market.  It delivers high performance and superior reliability with the safest battery technology.  This system can be retrofitted into most existing solar PV systems and the only required component is the Enphase Envoy-S metered communications gateway.

 The AC batteryEmphase_solar_Storage_System

  • 2kwh
  • 25kg weight
  • 1% round-trip efficiency for the battery
  • 95% depth of discharge
  • 10 year warranty
  • LFP chemistry
  • Cells safety tested and certified by TUV Rheinland

The Enphase Storage System is a smart, connected, integrated solution that delivers high performance and superior reliability, with the safest battery technology.  Its modular architecture can be cost-effectively tailored to fulfil your individual energy needs now and in the future if your needs change.  This system is easily affordable and easy and quick to install.  The battery interconnects with standard household AC wiring.  Because of the modular configuration you can install one now and then one later.  It can be installed in single or three-phase households and you won’t need separate SKUs.

Enphase Energy is a global energy technology company, that delivers simple innovative and reliable energy management solutions that advance the worldwide potential for renewable energy.  They are leading the charge to bring smart, connected solar energy to every home, business and community.  We at Esolar work along with this company to bring to New Zealand its advantages.  We have become the trusted name in NZ solar. Esolar.co.nz can design and install an off the grid or grid connected solar panel system to meet your energy requirements and budget then­ you will no longer be susceptible to the ever increasing power prices, while at the same time reducing your environmental impact. By installing one of our systems you and the environment benefit so call us today and ask about the new Emphase Solar storage system.

Charge Your Electric Vehicle At Home!

With the ever increasing efforts to find you means of power, vehicle manufacturers have more and more looked to electricity for the cars of the future. Electric cars are becoming more popular as each day goes past, and our lives around them will have to adapt in order to be able to use them fluently as we do their petrol counterparts.

Charging electric vehicles has always been one of the biggest milestones. Not any more! With the Delta EV Charge Station, you can now charge your vehicle at home. And what’s better, it uses solar power to charge it!

The Delta EV Charge Station is designed to integrate into existing solar systems so that it can be used with essentially all commercial and residential solar installations. This is the perfect solution if you have been considering an electric car or have one already to go along with your solar powered home.

For more information, visit our EV Charge Stations page.