4.5kW Grid Tied System Installed In Blenheim

We recently completed the installation of a 4.5kWp grid tie solar system in the Blenheim region. This area is perfect for utilising the benefits of solar, with one of New Zealand’s most sunny climates.

In this system we have used our new all black coloured Jinko solar panels, which match in very nicely with darker roofs and help to absorb the most energy possible. For the inverter we used our Austrian made Fronius string inverter, which we believe to be one of the best inverters in the world. Fronius offer very good performance, as well as some very nice features like web based monitoring of both solar production and household consumption, which is available to you on a phone app. Their 5 year warranty can now also be extended to 20 years.

In addition to the inverter you can see our Elios Power Reducer beside the switchboard, which is used to divert any excess solar energy not being used within the home into the clients hot water cylinder. This reduces the amount of energy exported to the grid, and rather used to save power within the home, thereby increasing the clients return on investment even more so.

Are you interested in a solar system for your home? Talk to us today and let us design and install a system specifically for your home!

Solar Installation For A Retirement Village In Christchurch

We are currently in the process of installing solar panels on each unit of a new retirement village in Christchurch. The retirement village containts 70 units and each of the 70 units will have a 3kWp solar array connected to an Austrian made Fronius string inverter, with Fronius smart meter to measure energy usage and energy production in the home. Having the ability to measure and monitor where your energy is coming from and going to enables the user to manage their energy in a much better way. 

In addition to the solar system, we are installing an Elios Power Reducer in each unit, which diverts any excess solar energy not used into the client’s hot water cylinder. This ensures that the bulk of the solar energy is consumed on site, rather than being sold to the grid at a reduced rate and maximising the return on investment.

With limited incomes, the solar systems will ensure that the monthly outgoings for energy are minimal for each unit owner. If a unit owner was to purchase an electric vehicle, this could also be charged from the solar energy available during the day, thereby reducing their running costs as well. We expect them to save a substantial amount with these new solar systems.


Ground Mounted Solar PV Panels

We installed a 5kWp grid tie solar system on a ground mounted solar frame in Motueka near Nelson.

The ground mount frame was done due to the roof of the house not facing the right direction and excessive shading on the roof from surrounding trees. As the client had plenty of room near to the house it made sense to use the ground mount option.

The ground mounted frames are very sturdy and have an engineers certification to verify that it will withstand over 200km/hr of wind. The posts are concreted into the ground to ensure soil types do not effect the wind rating.

This is one example of a custom designed and installed solar system depending on requirements. If you would like to enquire about a similar system, call us today on 0800 765 270.

Ground Mounted System

Ground mounted frames, can be an excellent alternative for times when roof space is limited, or the client would like the option to "add on" in the future.
We recently completed the installation of a 5.2kWp grid tie solar system in Christchurch on a ground mounted frame.
The client wishes to add  on another 5.2kWp grid tie system in the future, so that he has a 10.4kWp size system in total.
Generally our clients choose to fit the panels to their roof, as it is usually cheaper and they don't necessarily have the space on the ground to place the panels.
Our ground mount frames are very strong and are engineered to handle very high wind zones, making them an excellent choice when roof mounting is just not an option.
Ground Mount 2
Ground Mount

Recent 3kWp Installation

We have recently completed an "Off Grid" installation in the Brook Valley which is situated 5 min's from Nelson City Centre.
The home we were installing on was built by Hybrid Homes. The company specialise in building sustainable, eco friendly homes http://hybridhomes.co.nz/ 
The "Off Grid" installation once again proved to be extremely cost effective. The final cost of the entire system,  costing less than it would have cost to connect power to the property. And the cherry on top…Our client will never need to pay for power again!!
The house runs off of a 3kWp solar array with a back up diesel generator and a solar water heating system to heat their water.

3kWp Installation Brook

2kWp Grid Connected

Another recent install in Riverside Nelson, was this 2kWp Grid connected system. Once again our client keen to escape the ever increasing price of power, and so became pro active by installing their Grid Connected system.


11kWp Residential Off Grid Solar System Ruby Bay

We recently installed an 11 kWp off grid system into  beautiful passive solar design home, in Ruby Bay. The owners are an English couple, who have not long immigrated into New Zealand. As they work from home & therefore are high power users the 11kWp system, works perfectly to meet their daily energy requirements. 


We used a 3 phase German made SMA inverter in the system as well as our Tier 1 Rene Solar PV Modules. By using such high quality products, we are able to ensure not only complete customer satisfaction but also a system that will provide many years of efficient energy generation.




Domestic 5kWp Grid Connected Installation

Solar Electric recently completed the installation of a 5kWp grid connected photovoltaic system in Motueka.
The system was installed for a lovely retired couple. Just when the system was almost completed the weather decided to pour down upon us! However upon the sun returning  on another day,we managed to completed the installation our second one for that day, and we clocked off all complete just as the sun was setting! A full on but satisfying day for the Solar Electric team.
Perfect North facing roof and so the system is expected to perform really well.

EKOKIT 2kWp Grid Connected PV System

Solar Electric Technology have recently completed the installation of a 2kWp grid connected PV system. The installation was carried out on the Hybrid Homes Ekokit Show Home, located  at the Hive in Christchurch. You can find the Hive at the Canterbury agricultural park on Curletts Rd in Christchurch.
The EKOKIT range, offers a variety of "self build eco houses", which have been specifically designed by Hybrid Homes. The houses are flexible, sustainable and within the price range of everyday New Zealanders looking to purchase a home.
EKOKIT homes can be built anywhere in New Zealand, under the supervision of a Licesnsed Building Practitioner. If however you would prefer not to take on the build yourself, The EKOKIT range also includes the completed homes too.
If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact the company on the website below.