A Testimonial From Health@132

We recently did a solar installation for Health@132. We received this testimonial from them:

To Whom it may Concern,

In early 2015 Solar Electric Technology installed a 50kWp grid connected solar system on our building.

We were extremely happy with the service given by Solar Technology. They were thoroughly reliable and professional. It seemed as if they were as enthusiastic about our project as we were. We have found that the system is performing around 7% better than projected by Solar Electric, which is fantastic.

I am happy to recommend Solar Technology for any project similar to the one we undertook in Health@132. I am also happy to talk to anyone about our experience.


Sharon Brinsdon

Building Manager for Nelson Medical Partnership.

A Testimonial From A Customer In Nelson

We recently had the misfortune to have 2 of our 4 solar panels fail (they were pretty old – approximately 30yrs). This was evidenced by the failure of our batteries to be able to hold a decent charge and sought the help of Solar Electric Technology’s technician Lance Double to advice on what to do next.

Lance promptly checked the whole system and while the news wasn’t particularly good it was clear and correct.

We needed to replace our ageing panels, our batteries and as it turned out our regulator too.

Through this process Lance helped by providing prompt information, options and quotes by email and being on the phone when needed.

Once agreed he fitted our installation work into other work, reducing our travel costs and sent an update including pictures of completed work (it was at our bach not our home).

We took the opportunity to get some LED lights installed and this all worked out as above.

I am happy to recommend Lance to anyone fitting or re-fitting solar electric systems.


Richard Wells


Another Testimonial Received From Mike

Mr Lance Double has been known to us for some years. He was initially with another solar technology company, Ecogise, when we first consulted him re planning our off-grid house. That company merged with another provider and we carried on our relationship with Mr Double and utilised his technical advice in planning our  installation.

In 2011 Mr Double personally installed our system (a 10 panel/battery/inverter/back up generator, assembly). On his advice we added extra 180-watt panels that has proven to be a wise move. There were some initial issues with back up generator sequencing but Mr Double spent considerable time and effort rectifying the program that has worked without fault since. We have found Mr Double to be open to discussion and willing to address our concerns in a timely manner.

In an industry that has more than its share of untrained opportunists we believe Mr Double and his company have proven to be a technically competent and reliable service. The fact that he remained in the market and has grown his business confirms our original confidence in his expertise.

With the caveat that one must always check the options, we have no hesitation in recommending Mr Double to anyone considering going solar. We continue to utilise his services to maintain our installation. We may be contacted by phone if required.

G.M Waring.

A Happy Customer In Motueka

We received this lovely review from a customer we did a residential solar installation for. It reads:

“In December 2016 we finally took the plunge and made a significant investment decision to install a substantial residential PV system on our property.

This decision was not taken lightly as there were a number of difficulties in achieving our goal.

Lance and the team at Solar Electric were extremely helpful,patient and professional in the design of our system and we are so far delighted with the installation and it’s performance.

Our Micro Inverter system is ‘Enphase’ based with power supplied from Jinko Solar Poly Crystalline Panel Modules and although I am no expert in the field both appear to be of superior construction with a good warranty profile.

I have no hesitation in recommending Solar Electric Technology and would be only too pleased to talk to / communicate with any serious prospective client of theirs about our system and albeit early days yet their support

So far has been outstanding.

Dan Oakeley
Brooklyn, Motueka 7198”

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd Testimonial

26th August 2013

To whom it may concern

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd is a National wholesaler of Tyres, Wheels and Battery’s with ware houses in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill.

The Christchurch branch consumes about 2,500 KWh of power per month and it was decided that, as an environmentally and financially conscientious company, a Solar Energy system should be installed.

After successfully tendering for the installation, Solar Electric Technology Ltd was commissioned to install a 10KWp Grid Solar System with a 3 phase German made SMA Inverter at warehouse at 22 Clarence Street South, Addington, Christchurch.

Along with the successful quote, Solar Electric Technology gave friendly and professional advice regarding recommended specifications, materials and installation time lines.

Frank and Lance arrived early, completed the installation of the panels and inverter, cleaned up and had the system online well within the estimated time line of 1.5 days.

Frank and Lance also managed the entire network application with our power supplier; all I had to do was supply the relevant details.

YHI Christchurch now has an on line, fully operating, money saving, environmentally friendly Solar Energy System.

We are so impressed with the return on investment we are intending to install Solar Energy Systems at other key YHI ware houses throughout New Zealand.

I highly recommend Solar Electric Technology as your “one stop shop” should you be considering installing a Solar Energy System in your home or business.

I wish Frank and Lance every success in the future


Yours Faithfully

Paul Hauschild

South Island Manager