This is a system we installed in Auckland for a gentleman who was building a large new home. The home was not designed for solar in mind and so as they have a large amount of space around the house it was decided to go with a ground mounted solar array.

We have 7.28kWp of Tier 1 Jinko solar modules connected to a 3 phase Fronius Hybrid String inverter. Fronius offer the only 3 phase hybrid inverter option available for grid tie solar systems, which means you can easily connected battery storage to the system. In this case we have fitted a Fronius Lithium Iron battery system which can have up to 12kWh of storage installed within the Fronius cabinet.

Smart metering also offers the ability to monitor consumption as well as solar generation and the system is able to provide emergency loads energy when there is a power outage.


This is a rural installation in Ruby Bay, Tasman area. There is a 2 phase connection to this property and so we have divided the system over the 2 phases with 2 separate Fronius inverters.

This system also incorporates the new Enphase energy storage batteries which help to buffer the solar energy on site, which means you can utilise solar energy during cloudy periods or at night.


This is an installation we did recently in Christchurch for a client with an Electric vehicle, pool, spa and who works from home. The solar system is 11kWp and so it is quite large for a residential site due to the large on site consumption. We are using the new Enphase S270 micro inverters to manage the energy and the new Enphase AC Lithium Iron batteries to store excess energy for times of cloud cover or during the night.