Cheaper And Greener Power For New Zealand

On Sunday the Green Party released a new policy to deliver cleaner, greener and cheaper power to New Zealanders.

There are 3 main barriers to increasing the uptake of solar energy in New Zealand and this policy seems to address these issues.

  1. The up-front capital investment
  2. Concerns over whether value of solar power will be added to the value of house
  3. Uncertainty over the ability to sell excess power back to the grid at a fair price

Under the Greens’ Solar Homes initiative, Kiwi families and households will be able to get low-cost loans from the government to pay for solar power installation, repay the loan via their rates, and enjoy free, sustainable solar power for decades. The Green's will also ensure that families get a fair, dependable price for energy that they sell back to the grid and fix the regulatory framework to make plugging into the grid easier.

Household electricity bills are rising rapidly and solar prices have dropped considerably in the last few years.

New Zealand experiences some of the best sunshine hours in the would and it is time the the Government got behind solar as another way to ensure we reduce the environmental footprint of the electricity industry by cutting greenhouse emissions and reducing the need for more big dams on our majestic rivers. 

It’s about giving households and businesses more energy freedom – more control over their use of power, and the option to be small scale generators.