Solar Water Systems Designed For Business

Solar Thermal (Water Heating) works great for businesses which consume high volumes of hot water. Hot water can be stored in tanks as required, so that it is available during the night or when there is less solar energy available.

Standard Packages
Our commercial business packages start at 90 solar water heating collector tubes, and we can design and build systems as large as you require. Packages include the design and analysis, supply & installation of equipment, and commissioning. Monitoring systems are also provided so that you can closely monitor your investment in solar energy.

Solar Collectors3 x 30Tube
4 x 30Tube
5 x 30Tube
6 x 30Tube
7 x 30Tube
ControllerResol BXResol BXResol BXResol BXResol BX
Typical cost*$10,490.00$13,490.00$16,490.00$19,990.00$22,990.00
Potential Generation**8,650kWh11,534kWh14,417kWh17,301kWh20,185kWh

* Package prices exclusive of GST and are examples only. A full system design and quote is required for each commercial installation as there is a lot of variation in pipe lengths, access, roof fixing and so on. Storage has not been included.
** Generation figures are based on the Auckland region, with the solar array facing north and pitched at 40deg.

Return on investment
All system designs will include full ROI calculations so that you can see a complete picture of your investment projected over the next 30 years. Typical payback periods of as little as 3 years are possible on large system.

Typical Applications

Solar Water Heating on a Dairy Farm Shed

This example is of a 90 tube solar water heating system on a dairy farm milking shed. Each day a lot of water is used to wash down the milking system and vat, which means solar water heating is a great option for this.

Solar Water Heating on a Meat Processing Plantimg
This example is of a 150 tube solar water heating system on a meat processing plant. A lot of hot water is used each day to clean down and sterilise the work area, which means huge energy saving are possible with solar here.
Solar Water Heating on a Motelimg
This example is of a 240 tube solar water heating system on a motel.Visitors at motels will often use more water than they would at home and so large savings can be made with solar on motels and hotels.

Solar Water Heating on a Large Swimming Poolimg
This example is of a 1,560 tube solar water heating system on an olympic size swimming pool. A lot of energy is required to heat and maintain the temperature of the pool so that it can be utalised year round by the public. Enormous cost saving are made with the solar instead of using heat pumps or boilers to do the job.