Do You Go With Grid Tied Or Off Grid Solar?

When designing a solar system for your home, the biggest decision you need to face is whether you go with an off grid or a grid connected system. There are various factors that will determine your decision in this instance.


grid_connected_or_off_grid_solarWhat dictates which system you go with? A major factor will be firstly whether there is a mains power connection. In a rural area without mains power, the only option will be the use of off grid. However in suburbs and city areas, both systems can be used, though generally a grid connected system is used. Other factors include how much power you require, whether you can store the power generated or you’d rather feed it into the mains power and always have power on hand whether or not your system produces enough.


If you can’t decide and would need some advice, give us a call today to discuss which option is best for you!