Don’t Fall for False Advertising When It Comes to Electric Solar

If something you see or read is too good to be true, then it may be so.  There are many companies offering enticing promos and discounts to consumers that a lot of us got caught by the tempting offer not knowing it is just what it is, something that will catch your attention and that ends with that. Nowadays, we all must not believe everything that we see or read.  Consumers must learn to look at the bottom of the story, question ourselves – what’s the catch?

New Zealand’s Solar Energy Industry

The solar energy industry in New Zealand has been on the rise these past few years.  A large percentage of electricity in the area has come from renewable energy and this includes power generated from the sun aptly called as solar energy.  In the mid-2010, solar technology in New Zealand has become affordable compared to earlier years.  This type of energy source is seeing albeit a slow but steady increase in both the residential and commercial market.  The price of getting this type of energy though is one of the primary concerns that may impact its sustainability. 

Advantages and Disadvantage of Using Solar Energy

There are several advantages and disadvantages in using solar energy, what matters though is what are your needs and wants and if using this type of energy answers to them. 


  • Renewable Energy Source – This type of energy source can be harnessed in all corners of the globe and is readily available every day. The sun will not run out unlike some energy source.
  • Reduces Electricity Bills – Because the energy needs are addressed by the solar power system, the electricity bill will definitely be lowered.
  • Diverse Application – Solar energy is not just an alternative source for electricity, it has many uses as well. One of these is used to heat water both for residential and commercial areas. In some areas, it is used to distill water and even power up satellites in space.
  • Low Maintenance CostsSolar energy systems (e.g Christchurch) need only to be cleaned therefore it has low maintenance cost plus it needs to be cleaned at least from a couple to several times per year only. There are cleaning companies specializing in solar energy systems and there are some systems that come with a warranty.
  • Technology Development – With the advancing technology, there will always be future developments in this industry. In the future, this energy power will be offered at lower cost and can harness more energy.


  • Cost – The initial cost of setting up a solar energy system can be high because you have to pay for the panels, inverter, batteries, wiring and installation. But with the developments made in this industry, prices may be lowered in the future.
  • Weather Dependent – Energy can still be collected even during cloudy or rainy days but of course, it is to be expected that efficiency can be affected.
  • Solar Energy Storage can be Expensive – With solar energy, it has to be used right away so if you are planning to use it during the night, one would need storage for the power collected. Batteries to store solar power can be quite costly but you would need it if you want to collect solar energy during the day for you to be able to use it at nighttime.
  • It Needs Lots of Space – The more electricity consumption you have the more solar panels are needed. If you are expecting a high consumption of electricity, you would need to make sure you have enough space in your roof where solar panels can be placed. If this is not enough, you would need to put in the backyard but it must be a place where it can get a lot of sunlight.

Common Mistakes when planning to use Solar Electricity Systems

As much as we all want to lower our electricity bills, there is always a hesitation when it comes to change. Changing the energy source used in a home can be quite daunting and aside from that, everybody hesitate because of the cost.  Putting off from the use of this type of energy may not immediately yield unfavorable result but the longer this is put off the more is spent in paying electricity bills.

Another thing that one should look into is not getting multiple quotes.  At the first opportunity that an installer will present the quote, you would tend to grab it immediately not knowing that there are other service providers offering more value for your money.  It is always advisable to check the competitors.

Another misconception is that the cheaper, the better. You would think that being able to grab the best deals for a solar panel; you may have hit the jackpot not knowing that in the long run this might get back at you. Using low quality panels means that they may have shorter life span or the quality may not be that great therefore needing fixings or even replacement earlier than anticipated.

Although, it does not say, but the most expensive thing in the market but it is always advisable to check the quality first and then add on to that the cost incurred.  Some people may also think that they can do the installation themselves just by reading the instructions but knowing the value a properly installed solar system can give, it is always best to refer these things to the professionals.

Getting Hooked on False Advertising

There are solar installation companies offering cheap prices for solar installation. Of course, with cost being one of the primary concerns of consumers they will definitely take into consideration anything that may save them some money.  With these offers, they are lured to grab the opportunity to avail of cheap installation cost not knowing that they may have cut on the cost but they must have cut on the quality as well.

Things may not immediately go down south but later on, problems may arise and you will be trapped in a binding contract where the installation company will not be held liable for any future problem.  You may end up spending more instead.

Quality of service may be okay but the quality of products used may be the one sacrificed to cut on the cost. Therefore it is always important to check every corner and weigh your options properly. This is a big decision to make therefore a little more time might be able to benefit you in the long run.

Why Choose ESolar?

With many companies offering the same kind of service, it is always best to choose properly.  Esolar has the experience to better provide the service giving their clients 20 years of experience.  The company has technicians who have the experience of installing a wide range of services for more than thousands of times throughout New Zealand and Australia.  With all these experience in their pockets, they are considered as one of the most trusted companies in the business.

A total energy solution that makes sure their clients are getting the best service that they can offer in terms of design installation and even after-care services.  Their team will not leave clients hanging in the backburner. Location is also a non-issue since the company has already opened its doors to a wide range of locations nationwide.