Electric Solar Panels around the world

The human race needs energy. We need energy to power our cars, power plants, water systems, cook our food, and basically to do anything in our daily lives. Energy has always been around. In fact, our ancestors have used fire to cook their food and to ward off unwanted animals.

In the earlier industrial revolution, energy has been used to run power plants and machines that help society function more efficiently. This practice has continued today, as well. Efficiency continues to rise rapidly as we continue to use energy, replacing or further improving the many ways we do our work.

Solar Installation Germany

10KW Solar bank Electric in France

Modern Day Energy Use

In modern society, it is no longer a question that we need so much energy to power the many things we have today. From the small scale energy use in our houses, to the power plants that power companies big and small.

Although we have moved on from using the nomadic types of energy, we continue to use energy that harms our environment. Fossil fuels have been used in our society, powering our cars, and our day-to-day needs. It has been over a century and burning fossil fuels continue to generate the most energy required to power everything.

Oil, coal, and gas make up 80 percent of our needs in terms of energy. This comes at a great cost for us and for our environment – gravely polluting our seas, lands, and air. If we were to continue with the scale we have today, we will surely perish.

The Solution? Alternative Energy!

With this problem comes a solution, and that is the use of alternative energy. This type of energy does not require the use of any oasis fuels. Instead, alternative energy makes use of wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, biomass, hydrogen, and solar power.

Solar Power

One of the most common and arguably the easiest way to help the environment and to cut costs on energy use is through solar power. Coming from the word solar, this uses the light energy emitted from the sun as energy, therefore powering our homes and establishments.

How Solar Power Works

Essentially, a solar panel works by allowing particles of light to knock on electrons free from atoms, inducing electricity flow. A solar panel is made of many small units called photovoltaic cells (meaning they convert sunlight into electricity). Linking these cells up makes a solar panel.

That is not the only important part of a solar panel. A solar panel is also comprised of an inverter – used to transform DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current). This, in turn, is used in grids needed to be able to feed electricity into national grids.

Why Use Solar Panels?

Having a solar panel (system) significantly decreases your spending on electricity. In New Zealand, prices of such have fallen dramatically, making them much more accessible to the many people who want cheaper electricity. When connected to the grid, solar power systems cost less than a quarter of the prices before. A standard 3kW system that used to amount to a total of $40,000 back in 2008, now only cost $8,500.

Solar PowerSystem SizeNumber of Solar Panels Cost
2kWSeven290W panels*$6,000 inc GST, fully installed.
3 kW   Ten300W panels  *$8,300 inc GST, fully installed.
4kWFourteen290W panels*$11,000 inc GST, fully installed.
5kWSeventeen290W panels*$12,700 inc GST, fully installed.
6kWTwenty300W panels*$14,000 inc GST, fully installed
10kWTwenty Eight355W panels*$24,500 inc GST, fully installed.

(Taken from general online resources in NZ. Call Esolar for a more tailored price)

Why Choose Esolar?

Once you’ve decided to install solar panels into your establishment or home, know that we at Esolar have the perfect unit for you. We have been in the business for over 20 years and are pioneers in the game. Our expert technicians have installed over 1,000 units of renewable energy systems (solar power, hot water, wind, mini-hydro systems) in both New Zealand and Australia, making us a trusted name in the industry.

We offer both home and business installation and units and are very happy to assist and help you determine which solar panel unit is best for you and fits your personal needs. We provide you with system design, installation, and after- sales services. In the hopes of servicing you better, we have partnered up exclusively with companies in the building sector like Bunnings, Competitive Homes, Golden Homes, Hybrid Homes, David Reid Homes, and Eco Tech Homes.

In an effort to help you, we have developed a pyramid that explains the different tiers there are to solar panels. In this diagram, we use the quality of the components used as the main pinpoint. Differentiating from brands will be difficult as there are so many to choose from. The tier system is used by solar panel manufacturers as a way of differentiation.

True to quality, Esolar uses a tier 1 supplier of photovoltaic modules, and that is Renesola. Not only are they a tier 1 company, they also provide many more to the clients like they also have a number of additional benefits which provide value to our clients, including;

Advanced Virtus II technology, highly efficient (16%), 260watt peak output, 25 year linear performance warranty, Powerguard insurance to back the 25-year performance warranty provided, Low cost, Fire tested, Certified to NZ standards, and Mechanical load capability of up to 5400Pa.

When it comes to choosing what’s best for you, always take note about how solar panels have been helpful not just for you personally, but for the environment as well. As prices go down, solar panels become more accessible and easier to obtain. At Esolar, we make it easier for you.