Revolutionary Energy Maximiser


One of our most exciting products is the revolutionary OWL monitoring device. It can monitor all your building’s energy needs (including incoming mains, power circuits, lights, hot water and air conditioning) in conjunction with any solar power generation device installed. Through a secure web portal you can then view an accurate breakdown of your energy usage. The device gives you important tips on tracking to budget and allows you to establish energy alerts to optimise usage in line with set targets.

To get an energy audit for your home or business will easily cost you upward of $500 and this is only a snap shot look at your energy usage. With your own Energy Maximiser you can accuratley monitor your energy usage every day and watch how changes to your appliaces, equipment and usage effect your energy consumption.

Please follow this link to see you tube footage of the Energy Maximiser You Tube

Ipad and Iphone apps are available to ensure you have total control of your energy usage at all times Auzimax Apps

Another exciting feature of the Energy Maximiser is that you can remotley switch circuits on and off. Turn on security lighting, turn off appliances and save more energy.

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