Have You Considered A Micro Hydro System?

Micro_hydro_power_systemIf you are looking for ways to save on power, a commonly overlooked type of power generation should be on your list of considerations. Micro hydro.


Micro hydro systems are not as common as PV solar but can be excellent power generation systems, especially when coupled with a PV solar installation. The benefit of the micro hydro system is that it uses the force of flowing water to produce power. Flowing water is in abundance in winter, just when sunlight is at it’s least, making a micro hydro system a perfect compliment to a PV installation to ensure that you have power all year round.


Smaller micro hydro systems don’t generally require water storage such as a dam or weir. This makes them good for private properties such as small farms and rural houses. This also means that they have much less impact on the environment than large scale hydro systems.


If you are interested in a micro hydro system, visit our micro hydro page for more information.