Heat Your Water With A Heat Pump

How can a heat pump water heater help you? Did you know that up to 50% of your monthly power bill goes to just water heating? It might be hard to comprehend but it is generally the biggest single power consumer a house will have. Naturally, this is then the first point to address if you are looking to save power.


Heat_Pump_Water_HeaterA heat pump water heaters can save you up to 75% on your hot water heating bill. Our heat pump water headers deliver the highest seasonal efficiency of any water heater available.The best part is that they can also be used in conjunction with a solar system, meaning not only is your water heated for free, but it’s done so in a very efficient manner so that you have hot water for longer.


The Econergy heat pump water heater has been rated number one in Consumer Magazine’s heat pump water heater test. Econergy is being recognized as one of the best water heating options for your home, and solar PV panels can provide energy from the sun to power the heat pump.


If you are interested in an Ecoenergy heat pump for your home, visit our heat pump water heating page and give us a call today!