How Does Micro Hydro Make Power For Your Home?

One system used to make power in solar systems is micro hydro. What is micro hydro exactly? Micro Hyrdro is a type of hydro electric power that uses a natural flow of water to produce electricity. It is an excellent source of power especially in the rainy seasons.



So how does it work? Micro Hydro produces power by using the natural flow of water. A system is built to direct the flow of water to a turbine. The water flows through the turbine, which turns the flow of the water into mechanical energy. The water then flowers back to it's natural course. This system is typically useful in an isolated area and can power a single home or a small town. It is also the perfect complement to a solar panel system as the water flow is highest in the months where the sun is out the least.

If this sounds like a system which could benefit your home and work well with your solar system, get in touch with us today. We can help to design a micro hydro system for your home so that you can reap the benefits of not only the sun but the flow of water as well!