Is It Worth Installing Solar Panels?

The short answer is yes, if you live in New Zealand and are thinking about installing solar panels then you will not regret your decision. There are many factors and reasons to install solar panels, such as energy savings, environmental impact, and access to reliable power. Depending on your goals there is something solar powers can offer to satisfy your needs.

Solar Panels Energy Savings

One of the most common reasons people have for installing solar panels is to save money on their power bill. However, is there any truth to this idea? Solar panels and installation can be expensive, and many fail to factor in the cost of supplementary equipment such as batteries. With these things considered is it still worth installing solar panels? Let’s explore.

The average Kiwi home spends over $2,200 on their electricity bill each year. During the daytime while you are away from home at work, your solar panels are busy generating electricity, only to be useless by the time you return home. If this is the case your energy savings may only be small.

Solar Panels Power

With an Solar electric system batteries, the energy produced during the day can be stored for use later at night, when majority of energy is consumed. With a full solar power system one can expect to make massive savings on their power bill and potentially become self-sufficient. After a few years your solar panels will have paid for themselves, and the extra savings will go right into your pocket.

If you live in an area with an exceptional amount of sunshine hours such as in the Tasman Bay you may benefit from something know as solar power export. Solar power export is when you can sell your excess power to the energy grid. This could mean making money from your solar investment once you have paid off the panels.

Solar panels in Nelson are extremely popular as the Tasman Bay area gets some of the longest mean sunlight hours out of anywhere in New Zealand.

Environmental factor

Regardless of savings or other benefits a big motivational factor to install a solar panel system for many in here in New Zealand is to reduce personal carbon footprint. Since New Zealand doesn’t plan to completely phase out fossil fuels until 2030 it is still worth switching to solar power if you don’t want to contribute to carbon emissions.

Off grid solution


To learn more about off grid solar panel systems we have an article on a recent installation we completed. Off-grid systems are typically used in places not serviced by the power grid or where power may not be reliable enough.

If you are interested in Solar panels for your home for whatever reason, give us a call at 0508 449 274 to enquire, or you can contact us online here so we can explore if solar panels are worth it for you.