Looking For A Solar Solution For Your Business?

solar_systems_for_businessYou have solar on your home and are aware of the benefits and are enjoying enormous savings on your power bill. So why not apply the same benefit to your business through a solar solution? Solar can help businesses lower energy expenses just as much as on a residential property, if not more.


Esolar can help you to find a solar solution for your business no matter what your requirements or how big or small your business is. Whether you are looking for a grid connected application or an off grid system, we can design a system that can perfectly fit your needs.


More than 95% of business solar installations we do are grid connected systems. The benefit of this is because if your business does not use all your generated power, it can be sold back to the grid.


Off grid is also an option, however, if you business is situated in a remote area or you would like to be fully independent from the power grid. We have helped a number of businesses all around New Zealand to find an off grid solution that works for them.


For more information on solar for business, visit our solar systems for business page.