Marlborough District Council Flicks Switch On Solar Power Scheme – Media Statement

Good news for Marlborough ratepayers! Switching to solar power is now easier thanks to the newly launched initiative by the district Council.

On 15th April 2019, the Marlborough District Council has released a media statement saying ratepayers wanting to go solar can now call on Council for assistance. You can opt to add the installation costs of your solar panels to your rates bill, provided that you use an approved supplier.

The payback scheme involves a targeted rate over nine years, plus an administration fee and a 5.5 per cent standard interest rate (to be reviewed annually).

Eight approved solar panel providers have been identified by the Council through an Expression of Interest process. Council’s Chief Financial Officer Martin Fletcher says all providers are members of the Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand (SEANZ), which assures a high level of quality to their work.

If you’re ready to go solar, you can obtain quotes from the abovementioned providers. When comparing quotes, keep in mind that installation fees will depend on the type, size and number of solar panels you need. Be sure to check the quotes thoroughly to ensure you aren’t comparing apples to oranges.

Once you have obtained a satisfactory quote, you can go to Council to apply for assistance. This is open to all Marlborough ratepayers regardless of their income or assets.

Martin says the scheme is part of the Council’s suite of energy efficiency initiatives – solar being a natural extension given the district’s abundant sunshine hours.

While the prices of solar panels have dropped significantly over the years, the installation costs are still somewhat of a hindrance for some homeowners and businesses. The installation work is one of the major factors that would affect the performance of solar panels. But because many existing homes and buildings were not designed to accommodate solar features, installers often have to set up support brackets and sometimes create out-of-the-box solutions to make sure homeowners reap the highest ROI possible.

Solar is one of the best and most sustainable methods to power homes and businesses. Once you have your solar system installed, it will operate reliably for the next two decades with little or no maintenance. The best part is that solar energy is free, abundant and environment friendly.

With this newly launched initiative, the Council hopes to improve the affordability of clean home heating and power supply. More information about the available energy efficiency funding services can be found here.