Micro Hydro And How It Works With Your Solar System.

Firstly, what is micro hydro? Micro hydro is a power generation system which ustilizes flowing water to produce electricity. These types of systems can typically produce up to 100kW of electricity by using the natural flow of water. These systems need to be designed and built site-specific.

How does it work with your solar power system? The system utilizes a turbine which is turned by the flowing water to create electricity, a similar theory to the wind turbine. These systems are generally built to work in conjunction with a solar panel system. They can work on either grid connected or off the grid systems. The main benefit of these systems is the theory that they will produce the most electricity when the water level is highest which is usually the time when solar energy is least available, therefore providing consistent power all year round. These systems will produce enough power to run a home or a small business.

If you are considering a micro hydro system to benefit your solar electric system, get in contact with us. We can design and build a micro hyrdro system which will work for you and provide the power you are need.