Now is the perfect time to get solar!

It's getting hot here in New Zealand and summer is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to invest in a solar electric or heating system. Why so? Solar electric systems, as you'll surely know, rely on the sun shine to produce there power. Ad as we all know, summer is the season of sun!

Does this sound appealing to you? We at Solar Electric Technology are ready and waiting to design and install a system which will help you to take advantage of the free energy that the sun provides. Having an efficient system is a must so that you can benefit fully from your solar system and produce the power needed to run your home. With enough sun, it may even be possible to fully run your home from solar! So you can forget your power bill.

Give us a call now to discuss the solar electric system that you need for this summer and get ready to power your home in the most efficient, eco friendly and cost effective manner possible!

fresh green grass with bright blue sky