Installing A Photovoltaic PV Solar System

Photovoltaics is used to describe the technique of converting solar energy directly into electrical energy. This so-called photovoltaic effect, generated from light power, was discovered by Alexander Becquerel in 1839.
The term “photovoltaic” originates from the Ancient Greek word “phos”, meaning light, and the SI unit for electrical voltage (volt).
When photons hit a solar cell, electrons are stimulated to migrate and an electrical direct current is produced between the side turned towards the light and the side turned away from the light. Electrical current flows as soon as the electrical circuit is closed.
An inverter is needed to transform this direct current (DC) into the alternating current (AC) used in grids in order to be able to feed this electricity into the national electricity grid.

Photovoltaics is an indispensable technology when it comes to ensuring the lasting and safe supply of energy in the future.
Module prices have fallen dramatically over the last few years, while energy prices continue to grow at a rate of 7.5% per annum on average in New Zealand.

Selecting Your Photovoltaic Module
When purchasing a solar system, the quality of the components to be used is a key consideration. Differentiating one brand from another is not so simple, especially in the case of solar PV panels, of which there are hundreds of brands on the market.
A Tier system is used with regard to solar panel manufacturers as a way of distinguishing the wheat from the chaff.

Renesola Solar Modules

We have chosen Tier 1 manufacturer “Renesola” as our key supplier of Photovoltaic modules. Not only are Renesola a Tier 1 manufacturer, they also have a number of additional benefits which provide value to our clients, including;
• Advanced Virtus II technology
• Highly efficient (16%), 260watt peak output
• 25 year linear performance warranty
• Powerguard insurance to back the 25year performance warranty provided
• Low cost
• Fire tested
• Certified to NZ standards
• Mechanical load capability of up to 5400Pa

Why Solar?
• The prerequisite for solar power is available everywhere – the sun! NZ has an abundance of sunshine hours compared to many other countries.
• Solar power can be produced on almost all roofs.
• Apart from the environmental aspects photovoltaics offers itself as a profitable investment.
• Solar power is a modern way of generating electricity: regenerative and economical as well as environmentally friendly and clean.
• The feeding of solar power into the public network produces zero emissions and is therefore an excellent environmental investment.
• Also it is possible to provide very exact forecasts of the yields to be expected. This reduces the risk for the investment in a solar PV system.
• Every solar PV system leads to a reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases by the saving of coal, oil and gas. A 1 kWp solar power system saves the environment approximately 850 kg CO² emissions every year!
• The installation of a typical 5 kWp roof system can be completed in a day. After commissioning maintenance is hardly needed.
• The solar modules are stable and extremely durable.
• Photovoltaic modules have a long performance guarantee of 25 years.
• The energy payback time, that is the time needed to produce again the energy used in the manufacture of the PV system, is between 6 – 9 years, without factoring in the added value to your home.
• Solar energy has the highest long term potential of all renewable energy sources.