Press Release: Nelson And Tasman Lead The Way In Solar

A media release from June 2nd, 2014. solar_press_release


Figures released today by The Electricity Networks Association shows solar photovoltaic installations have tripled in the last 18 months. Up from 1600 at the end of 2013 to over 5500 today.


Nelson and Tasman in particular have led the way. The national average for solar installations is 12 per 10,000 homes while in Nelson and Tasman that figure is 41 per 10,000 homes.


Solar Electric Technology’s Managing Director, Frank Witowski believes this comes down to a number of factors. “Nelson and Tasman have very high sunshine hours so solar just makes a lot of sense. This coupled with the continuing fall in installation prices explains why so many people in our part of the world are going solar”, says Witowski.


The announcement that solar is starting to pick-up in New Zealand comes on the heals of Vector’s move to start supplying Tesla battery storage in conjunction with solar.


Many in the industry believe solar has a bright future despite no formal support from the government. “If you size a system correctly and use most of the power in your home or business, the return on investment is upwards of 10%”, says Witowski.