Press Release: Nelson’s Biggest Solar System

Nelson’s biggest solar system up and running

Health @132 on the corner of Collingwood and Hardy Street has had the largest solar photovoltaic system in the region installed. The 200 panel system has a total capacity of 50kWs which will produce 50% of the Medical Centre’s power needs. Most of the power will be used onsite with excess power being sold back to the national grid.
Health @132 Manager Sharon Brinsdon says “We wanted to do something significant for the environment, as well as inspire others to do the same”.
The system was installed by local companies, Solar Electric Technology and Pulse Electrical. Technical Director Lance Double says “businesses generally use the majority of their power during the day when the sun is shining and so solar energy makes a lot of sense. Health @132 is no exception. We fitted a sizable system to dramatically reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. The solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty; therefore they will end up paying for themselves many times over”.
Despite any formal policies incentivising the up take of solar in New Zealand, solar is proving an attractive option for many households and businesses. The recent move by Vector to partner with Tesla Motors to provide home battery storage in conjunction with solar highlights the growth and potential of solar.
DCIM100MEDIASolar Electric Technology’s Managing Director Frank Witowski says “we’ve continued to see strong sales growth despite the reduction in power buy-back rates by Meridian Energy and Contact Energy late last year. Our approach has been to size systems properly to maximise our customers return on investment. As a result our solar gives great returns on investment while providing clean energy and helping reduce pollution”. We are a long standing local company and happy to meet with new Clients to achieve similar results.


Solar is one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world with installed capacity expanding rapidly in Europe, North America and the developing world. While it’s still a relatively small player in the New Zealand energy market, many see it as having a bright future because of continued price falls and New Zealand’s relatively high sunshine hours.