PV Solar Installers Around New Zealand

New Zealand is blessed with a bountiful of daily sunshine hours all around. While it is true that these sunshine hours vary from one region to another, any part of the country is practically a prime spot for solar power generation. The key to making solar work for you is choosing the right installer.

Yes, performance and, consequently, energy savings all depend on proper design, sizing and installation – which is something a good solar company can offer.

Luckily, you’ve already found one. Solar Electric Technology are your trusted solar technology experts. We’ve been in the business for over two decades, which says a lot about our products and service.

We’re the solar power solutions provider that doesn’t provide cookie-cutter options. That’s because every household has unique energy requirements and budgets. We work with you and for you so you can enjoy the many benefits of going solar.

To deliver the same quality solutions to every Kiwi all over the country, we offer an installation network in the following areas:Photovoltaic Installers Nelson

Here’s why it’s best to go with the leader PV installers:

  1. Exclusive partnerships across the building sector

Our proven track record is recognised by many established building companies including Bunnings, Golden Homes and Eco Tech Homes, among others. Modesty aside, we are the go-to solar technical experts in New Zealand.

  1. Total energy solutions

In order to meet your specific energy needs, we will sit with you to discuss your expectations and goals with your solar investment. Whatever you want AND need to know about going solar, we will explain in simple terms. Expect straightforward answers and transparent quotes as we do not like to keep our clients in the dark.

Apart from PV solar panels, our technicians have installed over a thousand solar hot water, wind turbines and mini-hydro systems in NZ as well as Australia.

From the initial consultation to post-installation, you can count on us to assist you every step of the way. We recognise that there’s a “learning curve” for new solar power users, so we make the transition easier and more convenient for you. And since we have qualified solar installers in every main centre in New Zealand, you bet you can easily get a hold of us whenever you need.
PV Solar Installers Auckland

  1. Practical knowledge

There are things you learn better through experience, and installing solar systems is one of those things. Apart from learning by the book and meeting all licensing requirements, our network of solar installers have handled various types and scales of projects. We have that stock knowledge to know which solar design suits a particular home in a specific location.

It takes more than a good eye to know which solar technology to invest in. We’ve had clients come to our office to ask about a specific product they think is best, and it turns out they haven’t actually come across the best ones yet. We are there to help clients weigh all options available and help them pick out the best one.

For new home builds, we work closely with our partner builders to maximise your home’s solar potential as well as your budget. Finding that sweet spot is where we’re best at.

  1. The best of solar technology

Solar technology is ever-changing, and we make sure to keep up to date with the latest updates in the industry. We want not only to stay on top of our game but also to provide our clients with the most efficient solutions. Because when it comes to solar, efficiency means energy savings, which in turn means higher return on your investment.

The trend today is quite favourable as prices on new solar systems continue to drop. This means more people can take advantage of lower upfront costs.

We don’t stick with one brand because as we always say solar is not a one-size-fits-all solution. To this end, we obtain accreditations and partnerships with some of the best solar manufacturers such as Enphase Energy, Selectronics and Fronius.

Going solar is a smart thing to do, and using the right installer is even smarter.

If you’re interested in taking this route, whether for a more practical home or a cleaner environment, get in touch with our solar office nearest you.

Our NZ wide service hotline 0508 449 274 is always open for inquiries!