Why Solar Power For Nelson And Tasman?

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The Nelson region is one of the sunniest in New Zealand with generally over 2,500 sunshine hours recorded annually.

Environmental benefits

A portion of the energy generated in New Zealand comes from burning fossil fuels like coal, which in turn creates greenhouses gases, air pollution and damage to our landscapes from mining. Solar PV is an environmentally friendly form of energy generation which reduces CO2 and the effects of climate change.

In addition, a large amount of energy is lost in transmission when sending energy around New Zealand’s energy network. Solar PV on Nelson homes and business (local generation) reduces these losses.

Other Sustainable Solutions

Solar Electric Technology also offer wind generation, hydro generation and solar water heating. We can design and install either a grid tie, off grid, domestic water or pool heating system to suit your energy requirements and budget.

Power Generated by 5kW Solar PV System in Nelson

System details:

  • – 20 ReneSolar 260 panels
  • – 5 kW EnaSolar Inverter
  • – This Nelson solar PV system has produced 7455 kWhs in the last year, saving around $,2000 on their power bill based on the current price of power.

Situated at around 41°, solar power in Nelson makes a lot of sense as the more energy your solar PV system will generate for your home or business means more financial savings.

Save Money

Each year, power prices increase. Combined with a big drop in price, solar is now a financially sound option.

By going solar, you can lock in lower rates for power. While the cost of electricity increases with time, your solar PV will deliver more and more savings as you tap into the free power of Nelson’s sun.

Increased property value

The electricity savings from solar panels translate directly into an increased home resale value. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states that home values raise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual electricity bills.

This means that if you generate $1,000 of electricity per year, you can increase your home value by $20,000. The value of the home solar system also increases over time. As electricity prices continue to rise, a homeowner’s energy savings will also. Nelson can expect to see similar market values for solar in coming years as New Zealand follows the U.S. and E.U. lead in adopting low carbon technology.

Iain Campbell – Grid Connected Solar PV & Solar Water heating Installation

An installation in Nelson with a 4kWp grid connected PV solar system and a 30tube evacuated tube solar water heating system.

Approximately 1/3 of the energy consumed in the home was water heating and so the Solar Water Heating system virtually eliminates this. The grid connected PV Solar system generates the remaining energy used in the home and so annually this client pays for no power, in fact they get paid by their energy retailer for the excess energy they generate.

In 2011, we began the preparations for building a new home in Somerset Terrace, Nelson. One of our requirements was to install a photo voltaic system of sufficient capacity to generate the bulk of our electricity requirements. The building project was co-ordinated by Building, Quotation and Design (BQD) who obtained competitive quotes for all aspects of the building project. They recommended Solar Electric Technology Ltd as the supplier of the photo voltaic system.

We are very happy with the outcome of this venture and with Solar Electric Technology Ltd, the suppliers, as our system is working well and in 2012 provided nearly all of our electricity usage. Towards the end of 2012, we decided to increase the capacity of our system by a adding some additional solar panels and Solar Electric Technology Ltd carried out this work.

Thanks to Solar Electric Technology Ltd, we have a significant credit with our power company and a return on our capital investment of almost 6%.

Iain and Beth Campbell

Mike Waring – Off Grid Solar PV Installation

An Off Grid Solar PV installation in Nelson.

This client chose to have an off grid system installed as the cost to connect to the national grid was considerable. His entire house is run off of his own solar power system and he will never need to pay a power bill again.

Lance Double has been known to us for some years. He was initially with another solar technology company, Ecogise, when we first consulted him re planning our off-grid house. That company merged with another provider and we carried on our relationship with Mr Double and utilised his technical advice in planning our installation.

In 2011 Mr Double personally installed our system (a 10 panel/battery/inverter/back up generator, assembly). On his advice we added extra 180-watt panels that have proven to be a wise move. There were some initial issues with backup generator sequencing but Mr Double spent considerable time and effort rectifying the program that has worked without fault since. We have found Mr Double to be open to discussion and willing to address our concerns in a timely manner.

In an industry that has more than its share of untrained opportunists we believe Mr Double and his company have proven to be a technically competent and reliable service. The fact that he remained in the market and has grown his business confirms our original confidence in his expertise.

With the caveat that one must always check the options, we have no hesitation in recommending Mr Double to anyone considering going solar. We continue to utilise his services to maintain our installation.

G.M Waring.

Colin Davis – Grid Tie PV Solar Installation

A 6kWp grid tie PV solar installation in Nelson.

This client had a large power bill due to the heated swimming pool, as well as inefficiencies within the home. Prior to installing the system we carried out an energy audit of the home and managed to aid the clients in reducing their energy usage. This included finding a fault with the existing solar water heating system, which was easily repaired.  The grid tie solar system then covered the remainder of their energy usage.

We used Solar Electric Technology to provide solar panels for our new house and have been very satisfied with the result. We found them very competent in their work and easy to deal with. They did a thorough initial investigation of our existing power uses and needs and were helpful in advising us how we could save power in our routine usage. Especially, they identified a fault in our present solar water setting and assisted in rectifying this. They then advised us on the optimum solar system we could take on and gave us a variety of options of different prices and power capacities. The installation went smoothly, except when held up by strong winds, and hardly disturbed the running of the household. Since then, Solar Electric Technology have supported our monitoring of the new power system and have assisted us in fully understanding our new power bills.

We would certainly recommend them to any other potential customer.

Colin Davis & Faridah Tup



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Combined with a big drop in price, solar is now a financially sound option. By going solar, you can lock in lower rates for power. While the cost of electricity increases with time, your solar PV will deliver more and more savings as you tap into the free power of Northland’s sun.Increased property value The electricity savings from solar panels translate directly into an increased home resale value. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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