Solar Heating made easy!

Solar heating is quickly gaining popularity as a choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Not only is it the cheaper option in the long term, it’s also environment-friendly. You also lessen your carbon footprint by using solar power and solar heating. More and more people are now using solar heating and solar panels.

What Is Solar Heating?

Solar heating is the renewable energy system that absorbs the sun’s energy in heat form instead of using it to generate electricity. Passive solar heating systems don’t have any mechanical parts. Solar power also allows for solar water heating.

What Is Solar Water Heating?

Solar water heating converts sunlight into heat for water heating with the aid of a solar thermal collector. There’s a vast array of configuration with different costing geared towards offering solutions for various climates and latitudes. Solar water heaters are mostly used for residential and a few industrial applications.

How Solar Heating Works

Solar collectors have direct systems that circulate water where the sun heats it up using the sun’s thermal energy. The fluid then goes through a heat exchanger in the storage tank, shifting heat to the water. The non-freezing fluid then goes back to the collectors.

What Is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy refers to humans using energy that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” There are two pillars of sustainable energy strategies: energy conservation and cleaner methods of producing energy.

Sustainable energy is a wonderful solution for both existing and new homes. You can easily have solar panels installed on your roof. While building a new home, you should install solar panels right now as it will likely increase in cost in the near future. You should make provisions for solar power such as using a solar-ready water cylinder or put pipe work and wiring in place.

What Are Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

Photovoltaic solar panels harness the sun’s energy to generate enough sustainable electrical energy to power your business or home. To offset your energy bill, you can use the grid connected system, which allows the energy generated to be fed back into the national grid. Or you can use off the grid system and be totally independent of the grid by storing energy in batteries. Wind turbines or Micro Hydro generation are other alternatives that may be viable on your site. can design and install an off the grid or grid connected solar panel system to meet your energy requirements and budget. By utilising either photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines, or mini hydro generation you will no longer be suseptable to the every increasing power prices, while at the same time reducing your environmental impact. Other services provided include consultancy, energy assessments, design, and installation of remote energy systems and much more.

Solar Heating: Installing Solar Water Heating Makes Sense

You can use solar water heating panels to heat your water or swimming pool. The exact amount you will save solar heating your water will vary but it won’t be too long before your new solar system will have paid for itself.

It’s been estimated that for an average household, solar water heating from solar panels will provide 75 percent of your annual hot water needs. Systems can be designed to heat pool and swimming pool or we have specific solar pool heating systems available.

Solar Electric Technology is one of New Zealand’s leading solar companies. Our technicians have installed over 1,000 solar power, solar hot water, wind and mini-hydro systems throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Here are some of our more recent jobs:


This is a 12kWp grid tie solar system we have installed in Motueka. The site is 3 ph, with 2 houses and a swimming pool, which will run off of the solar system. The system is spread over multiple roofs and the solar panels face east, north and west so that they achieve a long solar generation day.

We have used Enphase micro inverters, which allow us to face the solar panels in various directions. They also allow us to monitor each individual panel to see how it is performing.


This is a recent job we completed in Picton. We are using a high quality Austrian made Fronius string inverter, to manage the energy from the Jinko solar panels on the roof. An Elios Power Reducer will also divert any excess solar energy, not being utilised in the house, into the hot water cylinder. The more energy consumed on site, the better the return on investment.


This is an installation in Blenheim with a dark roof and so we have used our all black Jinko solar modules to tie in nicely with the roof.

Here we are using Enphase Micro inverters to manage the solar energy and an Elios Power Reducer to divert excess solar energy into the hot water cylinder rather than the grid.


This is a job we complete in Otaki, North of Wellington. This is a 3.12kWp grid tie solar system with Tier 1 Jinko solar modules and Fronius Austrian made inverter. We have also fitted an Elios Power Reducer to divert excess solar energy into the water cylinder.

Foster – Recent Installs

This is an installation of a 3.12kWp grid tie solar system in Waikanae, North of Wellington.

This system has Tier 1 Jinko solar modules and Enphase Micro inverters to manage the solar energy. With Enphase Micro inverters each solar panel has its own inverter instead of 1 larger string inverter managing the entire system.

As usual we have also fitted an Elios Power Reducer to divert excess solar energy into the hot water cylinder instead of the grid.


This is an installation of a 4.16kWp grid tie solar system in Nelson with Enphase Micro inverter technology. This client did not have a North facing roof and so we have fitted an array on both the East and West roofs instead. The Eastern system will start to operate first, then both work together from around 10am and then in the afternoon the Western array will operate until later in the evening.

Solar Electric Technology Ltd provides services including installation of solar heating and solar power panels throughout New Zealand and Australia. We make solar heating accessible to homeowners and businesses alike. Whatever your solar heating needs are, we’re here to help you. We make solar heating super easy for you.