Solar Installation For A Retirement Village In Christchurch

We are currently in the process of installing solar panels on each unit of a new retirement village in Christchurch. The retirement village containts 70 units and each of the 70 units will have a 3kWp solar array connected to an Austrian made Fronius string inverter, with Fronius smart meter to measure energy usage and energy production in the home. Having the ability to measure and monitor where your energy is coming from and going to enables the user to manage their energy in a much better way. 

In addition to the solar system, we are installing an Elios Power Reducer in each unit, which diverts any excess solar energy not used into the client’s hot water cylinder. This ensures that the bulk of the solar energy is consumed on site, rather than being sold to the grid at a reduced rate and maximising the return on investment.

With limited incomes, the solar systems will ensure that the monthly outgoings for energy are minimal for each unit owner. If a unit owner was to purchase an electric vehicle, this could also be charged from the solar energy available during the day, thereby reducing their running costs as well. We expect them to save a substantial amount with these new solar systems.