Solar Installers: 3 reasons Kiwi’s aren’t Installing Solar

Environmental groups such as Greenpeace are urging kiwi’s to install solar panels in the fight against climate change. As solar installers we believe there are a few reasons why New Zealand is struggling to meet Greenpeace predictions for the number of homes with solar in this nation.

Firstly, many kiwi’s still hold outdated perceptions regarding the cost of solar. Being solar installers for the better part of two decades we have seen the cost of solar dramatically decrease. A trend that continues to this day. Even as much as five years ago installing solar panels could take decades to even see a return on investment. However, over the last seven years the price of solar has dropped 70-80 percent.

The second reason kiwi’s may have tossed installing solar panels to the side is the price of batteries. This is fair enough, having a battery large enough to supply power to your home during the evening when the sun has set has been historically costly. However, as the global push for green energy ticks away, innovations in battery technology are driving the price down drastically. 


But, do you even need a battery in your home if you have solar? If self reliance is something you value then perhaps a battery is a must for you. However, solar panels can sell their power to the grid during the day while you are at work. Offsetting your power bill from the energy used at night.

The third reason people might avoid installing solar is because they plan on moving home shortly in the future. This harps back to the outdated belief that solar panels are a long term investment. Yet, a recent study from found that properties with a 3KW solar system made 4.4 percent or $35,000 more when selling on the real estate market.

Overall, there are many different reasons to install solar on your home, with some options more suited to different individuals. Call your local Solar Installers and have a chat about the best option for you. You can contact the team at ESolar online or give us a ring at 0508 449 274.