Solar installers throughout New Zealand

Solar Electric Technology Ltd is one of New Zealand’s leading solar companies.

We offer complete energy solutions for homes and businesses. We cover all of New Zealand and provide an all in one design installation and customer care service. Our website can streamline a quote for you, we offer the required information and system specifications and downloads for obtaining a building consent and drawing the system information into the plans.

Solar panels can be easily installed on your roof and is fast becoming popular as a way to offset energy costs. Whether you want to go off the grid or remain connected we can sort out your individual wants and needs.

The price of photovoltaic solar panels has dropped considerably so now is the best time to invest in sustainable energy.
New Zealand is a fantastic country to utilise solar energy, let’s look at the statistics.

In Northland well over 1900 sunshine hours are recorded annually. Auckland records well over 2000 sunshine hours annually. The Waikato records well over 1800 sunshine hours annually. The Bay of Plenty and Gisborne record the sunniest at over 2300 hours annually. The Hawkes Bay over 2200, Manawatu and Wanganui over 1900, Taranaki over 2000 and Wellington over 1800 hours annually. Then in the South Island Malborough records over 2200 sunshine hours annually, the Tasman is sunniest at over 2500 sunshine hours annually. The West Coast 1800, Canterbury 1900, Otago 2200 and Southland 1600 sunshine hours annually. That’s a lot of sunshine.

Let’s look now at the benefits of PV and thermal systems. Price is a big benefit; module prices have fallen dramatically while energy prices continue to grow every year. After installation commissioning maintenance is hardly needed. The solar modules are stable and extremely durable and have a long performance guarantee of 25 years. Solar energy has the highest long term potential of all renewable energy sources. Environmental benefits are of course huge. New Zealand is a front runner in being environmentally friendly.

New Zealand is a sunny country as has been shown so utilising the sun is easy. It is regenerative and economical. It is possible to provide very exact forecasts of the yields to be expected. So it’s a win win, save money and the environment, what’s not to love. Call us now or use our online quote system, you won’t be disappointed.

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