Solar Water Heating System: How It Works

If you are considering installing a solar water heating system, there are a few things to consider first. Before you go around asking for quotes from various solar installers it’s best if you know the ins and outs of solar water heating. That way you know what questions to ask.

How does it work?

There are many different ways in which a solar water heating system can work. However the basics are all the same. Free energy from the sun is used to heat either water or another liquid. The use of technology allows the water to get much hotter than if it was just a glass of water in the sun. This heat is then transferred to your home’s hot water cylinder for use when you need it.

How much hot water will my solar water heating system provide?

That depends, both on the time of year, where in New Zealand you live and the size of your system. For a home of 1-2 people we recommend a 20 tube system. This will provide enough hot water for the standard water use of 1-2 people. Just like with buying a hot water cylinder, the bigger the household, the bigger the system will need to be.

What happens when the sun isn’t shining?

It can be expected that during winter or just every so often, the days will be shorter or clouds will block out the sun. Also what if you want a hot shower in the morning? Will this be impossible since there was no solar energy to heat your water overnight? 

Using a solar water heating system in conjunction with a booster system is recommended for those who live in areas with less sunlight. To ensure you always have a consistent and on demand supply of hot water, no matter the weather.

Is it worth it?

Is the cost really worth installing a solar water heating system? Our opinion is absolutely! Our case study in Nelson managed to eliminate water heating from their energy bill with just a 20 tube system. Reducing their power usage by 35%. That is a 35% discount on your power bill every year. Down the road if you decide to also install electric solar panels, you would in theory need to spend 35% less on your solar panel system.

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