Solar Water Heater

Sleek and Stylish New Model Sunsaver

New compact and stylish design, light aluminium powdercoated Frame and Manifold. Our highly Efficient, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are available in 20 and 30 Tube options, which can be configured to suit your particular needs. As easy to retrofit to your existing hot water cylinder as to install in a new house build. Taking care of your water heating needs and saving you money on your power bill. Our Collector can be flat-fitted to your roof or be installed with a custom built adjustable frame to achieve the optimal angle of 40 degrees.

How do Solar Water Heating systems work?


The Hot Water System

Water from the bottom of the hotwater cylinder is circulated by pump through the Heat Exchange Manifold at the top of the collector and back to the cylinder.
The pump is controlled by a difference thermostat controller which has temperature sensors in the heat exchange manifold and in the top and bottom of the cylinder.
The pump is activated when the temperature of the collector is greater than the water temperature at the bottom of the cylinder.
The controller can be set to suit your individual needs.


Evacuated Tube Technology

The Solar Technology Sunsaver uses Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe technology which in conjunction with a Heat Exchange Manifold offers exceptional performance superior to any other type of solar collector.
Higher heat efficiency is due to a combination of the advanced heat transferring style of the Heat Pipe, Selective Absorbent coating and high vacuum heat preservation state.
As sunlight enters the Evacuated Tube it strikes the selective absorbent coating and turns to heat.
Heat is transferred to the heat conduction fluid contained within the copper Heat Pipe. This fluid has a low boiling point and quickly shoots up to the Heat Pipe Condenser Element contained within the Heat Exchange Manifold.
Water passing through the Heat Exchange Manifold absorbs this heat and simultaneously cools the heat conduction fluid causing it to fall again, ready to restart the process.

Solar Water Heating facts.

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