The Nelson Mail- Aaryn Barlow says Solar Electric Technology is showing the way, fostering “Green Industries”

Aaryn Barlow is to again contest the Nelson seat for the Green Party in this year's election but will be chasing only the party vote, he said today.

"I'm excited to have been selected to represent the Greens again. New Zealand is at a crossroads environmentally, socially and economically and has the opportunity to elect its first truly progressive government in a generation this year," Barlow said. Local issues included the immediate effects of climate change, Nelson's low "sunshine wages" and the need to foster new "green industries", a field in which Nelson companies like Switch Lighting, Absolute Energy and Solar Electric Technology were showing the way.

Barlow, communications head for the Nelson Environment Centre, said last month his demotion on the party list was "unexpected" but he was committed wherever he ended up on the final list.