What is the Cost of a Solar Installation?

There are many factors that can influence the cost of a solar panel installation. As solar electric installers we can only really estimate the cost of an installation until we are able to visit your home and assess your power needs. Not everyone’s situation will be the same. So, the cost of a solar installation can be influenced by the following:

  1. Your annual energy consumption.
  2. Positioning & solar performance of your home’s roof
  3. Rebates and discounts
  4. Cost of labour

The first question is how large will your solar electric system need to be. Taking your annual energy consumption, your home solar performance and your desired energy savings is a useful start.

Simply, the larger your energy needs, the larger the system will need to be. Here is what it costs to install various solar electric systems:

Solar Panel System SizeCost
2kWpFrom $7,200.00 Incl. GST
3kWpFrom $9,200.00 Incl. GST
4kWpFrom $12,000.00 Incl. GST
5kWpFrom $14,500.00 Incl. GST

Cost of Off-Grid Solar Installation 

The above installations are for residential solar systems with a grid connection. Meaning at night your home will still rely on energy from the grid.

If you are interested in going off-grid and relying solely on the energy of your solar panels, then the cost will increase substantially. The price of batteries and additionally required infrastructure can make an off-grid solar systems rather expensive.

Solar Panel System SizeCost
2kWpFrom $7,200.00 Incl. GST
3.5kWp$19,690.00 + GST
5.5kWp$33,250.00 + GST
8kWp$49,990.00 + GST

The size of the solar power system should reflect the needs and use case for the individual. A quality solar installer should inform you of what is and isn’t possible with solar. Even a small system can be enough to offset your utility bill substantially. 

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