Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

If you want to maximise power generation in every area possible, wind turbines are for you. Taking advantage of the third freely available resource for power production, wind turbines will make power from thin air, quite literally! A perfect complement for off grid solar systems.

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Wind Turbines

What is a Wind Turbine?

Wind turbines harness the power of wind to generate electricity for the charging of storage batteries in boats & remote area power systems.

Wind turbines make the perfect complement to solar PV in off grid power systems.

What types of wind turbines are there?

We provide a range of wind turbines from 100w to 1000w - marine and land versions. We can work with you to determine if a wind turbine is suitable for your requirements and what size or brand of turbine is best suited to your application.

Primus Windpower
The Primus Wind Power AIR Breeze Marine and Air-X Marine wind turbines are trusted by sailors around the world and recommended as the best high-energy output turbines by Yachting Monthly. Their optimized electronic controls deliver energy quietly and efficiently. Extensive third party testing and certification shows more consistent output than its competition. AIR Breeze and Air-X ae part of the latest generation of AIR products—the world’s best-selling wind turbines—with more than 135,000 units sold in more than 120 countries.
We recommend the AIR Breeze Marine wind turbine for all small battery-charging applications in coastal areas or offshore, for low to medium wind speeds. The AIR Breeze Marine is an ideal wind turbine for hybrid systems with solar to offset cloudy or stormy periods.
The Air-X Marine, with optimized software consistently delivers energy where it matters. The AIR X Marine’s heavy-duty design can withstand most high wind environments. The AIR X Marine is an ideal turbine for hybrid combinations with solar power.

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Over the last 30 years thousands of customers have installed the Rutland Wind Turbines, regulators and accessories manufactured and designed at in Corby, Northamptonshire.
Rutland Wind Turbines provide a reliable way of charging batteries on boats, caravans and at remote and difficult to access sites.

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