What are solar panels?

iconA Solar panel (solar module, photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is an assembly of solar cells or photovoltaic cells that turn light into electricity. We generally fit multiple solar panels together to generate the required amount of energy for a residential or commercial application.

New or existing homes – a solution is just a phone call away

iconSustainable energy is an excellent solution for both new and existing homes – solar panels can easily be installed on the roof of your home. If you are building a new home you should consider installing solar now as it will likely be cheaper. At the very least you should make provisions for it i.e. fit a solar ready water cylinder, put pipe work and wiring in place.

Off The Grid

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Solar Heating – installing solar water heating makes sense

iconTalk to us about using solar water heating panels to heat your water or swimming pool. The exact amount you will save solar heating your water will vary but it wont be too long before your new solar system will have paid for itself. It’s been estimated that for an average household, solar water heating from solar panels will provide 75 percent of your annual hot water needs. Systems can be designed to heat pool and swimming pool or we have specific solar pool heating systems available.

It has never been cheaper to go solar

iconThe price of photovoltaic solar panels has recently dropped quite considerably and so there has never been a better time to invest in sustainable energy. Contact us to take advantage of these recent price reductions.

Grid connected

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Eliminate your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint now with a sustainable energy system

iconesolar.co.nz can design and install an off the grid or grid connected solar panel system to meet your energy requirements and budget. By utalising either photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines or mini hydro generation you will no longer be suseptable to the every increasing power prices, while at the same time reducing your environmental impact. Other services provided include consultancy, energy assessmen ts, design and installation of remote energy systems and much more.

Photovoltaic solar panels – generate your own power

iconPhotovoltaic solar panels use the energy from the sun, to generate sustainable electrical energy to power your home or business. The energy generated can be fed back into the national grid (Grid Connected system) to offset your energy costs or you can be totally independent of the grid (Off the Grid system) and store the energy in batteries. Wind turbines or Micro Hydro generation are other alternatives that may be viable on your site.

Thermal solar

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